Proudly Different

We Know You Have Heard it All Before…

Try this miracle diet pill! Check out this new craze diet! Take this 60 minute soul crushing cycle class! Order these meals and watch the results! Burn! Sweat! Starve! Grind! Repeat! Repeat! REPEAT!

Well, we have had ENOUGH of that.


Toxic Gym Culture Has Rigged The System Against You…

It was designed to trap you in a never-ending loop of financial output, results driven by how hard you can work and deprive yourself, and then immense guilt if you even think about enjoying that slice of pizza you have been craving all week. And the little progress you worked so hard to achieve is unsustainable. It is physically, mentally, and emotionally exhausting. It just plain sucks.

You want to know the honest truth? It is NOT your fault. You are incredible! Guess what else?! Getting healthy doesn’t mean you have to sell your soul and be miserable while doing it. Being healthy can mean finding an absolute dream community full of support and zero judgment. Being healthy can mean still enjoying your life! Want that piece of birthday cake? Go for it (yes, seriously)! Being healthy can mean you have control. Not the gym jocks…and not the big corporations. YOU.

Is here to give you back that control on your own terms…

WE CANNOT WAIT TO MEET YOU and watch you knock down barriers you never thought possible. Just like we have proudly watched our kick-ass clients do time and time again. Sound good? We thought you might say that. Let’s go over a few things first…

Unfortunately, there is no instant cure for weight loss. That’s right we said it. Another not-so-sexy truth is that it’s a slow process. Yeah…sorry about that too. It will always happen slower than you want it to. But it can happen, and it will happen. To get started all you need to do is show up as you are. Do not feel like you need to get in shape or lose a few pounds before you are comfortable enough to come talk to us. Remember this a no judgment zone. All we ask is that you come with an open mind, ready to try, and know that you can do this. We haven’t even met you yet and we know you can. We know it’s a little early to ask you to trust us, but please hear us out.

What We Won’t Do To You…

We won’t offer you a 1,200-calorie-a-day diet plan accompanied by a near-impossible fitness program. You will not be injured, deprived, or starved. We will not ask you to do burpees. Ever.

What We Will Do For You…

Talk to you. Ask you what your immediate and long-term goals are. Learn your lifestyle so we can develop a program that meets you where you are – right now. Understand how you define success – it may be to walk a mile or simply increase your mobility. Help you define and make small changes that will improve your life and health and increase your odds of success in the long term. We will even discuss what happens when you meet your goals.

Offer you a place where you feel welcome by a community of like-minded, non-judgy members and coaches.

Develop a personalized program that you and your coach (yes…your coach) create together that is well-rounded and easy to implement.

Oh Yeah…and We Promise:

No coaches screaming at you to do 5 more reps…it’s all encouragement here

No posters of super toned unrealistic models…because that is NOT real

No guilt shaming if you are struggling…because we are human and have been there too

No catty gym cliques to exclude you or judge you

No nonsense like: buzzwords, “miracle” products, crash diets, or endless hours of cardio

And most important…No drama!

You See…We Are Not A Gym.

We are The X.

A place where you will feel welcome with an individualized program for those of you who have been searching for something else. Something better. Something that meets you where you are. Something that works. A community that is PROUDLY DIFFERENT.

We Would Love to Tell You More…

about our approach, or you can check out what our members have to say
(p.s. they are really cool people…we may be a little biased).


Founder & Head Coach

My career started as a personal trainer at your typical “big box” gym franchise. Although it was a challenge from day 1, I was ready for it – clients at 5 am, clients at 9 pm; clients who aspired to be collegiate athletes; clients who had never exercised; clients who wanted a “quick fix” and crash diets; clients who were lost; and clients who were stepping into the gym for the first time.

It was a daily challenge working with a “one size fits all” program and platform created by executives focused on profit over people. Everyone is so different, so why is the program the same for each person?

I became continually frustrated – how was anyone supposed to hit their individual goals with a program created for an “average” person. How were my clients ever going to feel encouraged when their progress and success was based on impossible standards? It was wrong, and I was determined to do something better.

There needed to be a genuine collaboration of long-term strategies aligned with our member’s unique goals and lifestyles. Couple that with a safe place where they are heard, seen, and understood. Where programs for exercise, diet, lifestyle changes, conquering health battles, and gaining control are creatively designed, individually prepared, intelligently managed, and continually monitored. It took some time to get it right, but I finally curated a program in a place where each member is individually recognized, yet part of a like-minded community. A place we call The X…and a program that is Proudly Different.

My name is Michael Gaines, and I am the proud founder and head coach of The X. Before you ask…the answer is yes – I hold numerous certifications and have put in years of research that serves as the backbone of every individual program we curate. Our members are my family, and it’s hard to articulate the joy I get watching them triumph over their health, fitness, and diet battles. The results are real, long-term, and rewarding. Stop in and say hello. Tell us how you define success and we’ll help you get there!

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