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We offer individualized fitness and nutrition coaching designed to hit your unique goals.

Our coaching programs include:

  • Goal achievement and sustained results by designing programs to meet you where you are
    Individualized programming for your specific needs
  • Coaching and consultations to develop a well-rounded approach
  • Easy to understand and implement daily principles that promote sustainable and consistent positive changes
  • Training to recover from injury and reduce the risk of future injuries
  • Access to top of the line coaches and an incredible training community and environment

As Low As


Financing available for programs,payments as low as $39/wk


Lost and Gone Forever

Our Philosophy

We don’t do any crash diets or jump on crazy new fads. We stick to proven fundamentals that are guaranteed to produce results.

We believe that sustainable fat loss results from creating a lifestyle that allows you to live happy and free without the stress and restrictions that come with most diets. Your time in the gym is your way of prioritizing yourself to get the most joy and fulfillment you can from every day.

We teach a system of concepts and principles that are easy to understand and easy to implement, allowing for consistent and sustainable progress towards a happier and healthier lifestyle.


We help busy people burn fat, gain strength, and feel better by providing personalized eating and fitness coaching in a community-based setting. Everything that happens here is with the guidance of the coach.

Michael has 15 years of experience transforming lives and creating easy systems for people of any age, at any point, to lose fat and keep it off forever.


We teach key principles that are easy to understand and easy to apply and guarantee success. They fit for anyone, anywhere, any time, regardless of what type of diet they choose or exercise program their following.

Fat Burning

Our training programs are built to target fat burning. Our number one priority is to ensure that you’re able to burn off body fat and keep it off forever.


If the diet and program are not sustainable then the results aren’t sustainable either. We teach people how to easily and happily adjust their eating habits to make it easy and enjoyable to maintain the body of their dreams.


“I started at 285 pounds. Michael is truly a miracle worker. He came into my life at a time where I didn’t think it was possible for me to get healthy, as the damage had been done. I didn’t think I could turn my life around. Well, with the support and guidance of Michael, he proved my mentality wrong. I am capable of turning my life around and getting healthy. He is my number 1 cheerleader on this journey and I truly couldn’t ask for a better coach to have while I am on this journey. I am indebted to him for literally saving my life. I’ve lost over 80 pounds already!”


“I’m 77 years old and I’ve lost almost 100 pounds so far. It’s so simple and so easy, even at my age! I would not have anyone other than Michael coach me and I consider him and his family as part of my family.”


Live Your Life Your Way

X Project Fitness

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1341 Hughes Ford Road, Suite 110
Frederick, MD 21701

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