3 Exercises For Shoulder Health

Even though I had a back injury, these 3 exercises were still incorporated during my recovery process and I continue to do them today.

For optimal shoulder health, you must ask yourself these questions and take action to fix them: are you more capable of pulling or pushing? Pulling up or pulling down? If your strength or stamina more developed? How about your left to right side strength?

I love the single arm DB strict press for correcting any left to right imbalances. Strict pressing also creates resiliency in the shoulder for more dynamic movements such as handstand push-ups and push jerks.

I also love the single arm DB high pull for correcting any left to right imbalances in the shoulder. High pulls create resiliency in the shoulder to handle high volume gymnastics movements such as pull-ups, toes to bar, and muscle ups. When someone is struggling to increase their pull-ups, I’d deload the pull ups and load the high pulls. What happens? Pull-ups improve & your shoulder feels A LOT more stable.

I love the overhead carry for creating stability and resiliency in the shoulder. Before we can press our body weight or heavy weight overhead, our shoulder needs to be able to hold & bare that load. The single arm variation also adds in the left to right component for fixing any imbalances.

Here how to perform a single arm press:


Here’s how to perform a single arm high pull:


Here’s how to perform a single arm overhead carry: