All 3 of these kettlebell exercises I did before I even touched the barbell again for deadlift. I had to take the time to rebuild my hip hinge position and stability as well as fixed the strength imbalances I had.

I love the 1 arm sumo deadlift because it puts your hips and back into a better position by pulling from a shorter range of motion. It also puts more demand on the upper back rather than on the lower back. Here’s how to perform a 1 arm sumo deadlift:

I love the suitcase deadlift because it works an anti-rotational pattern we rarely see in a typical CrossFit workout. You can immediately detect any side to side or left to right imbalances when doing this exercise. Here’s how to perform a suitcase deadlift:

I love the KB high hip deadlift as a way to reinforce the hip hinge pattern that is crucial when deadlifting or pulling from the floor. It engages the glutes and hamstrings way more than a traditional deadlift. Also a great warm-up exercise if you have any mobility or flexibility restrictions. Here’s how to perform a KB high hip deadlift: