At The X-Project, our mission as a company is to educate, empower and heal every one of our members in the seven domains of fitness in order to provide the most individual, specialized and fun fitness experience possible. Of course, we do strength work, met-cons and there’s plenty of burpees. After all, fitness is not a joke.

What do we do?

Our company provides fully customizable programming to a group class setting allowing clients to work on their specific needs and goals while participating in a social workout setting, keeping them engaged and accountable while allowing them to enjoy their unique fitness journey.

How do we do it?

Our coaches us the leveling options from Level Method, and educate our members on the unique energy systems and stimulus of each workout, giving our members all the knowledge and tools they need to continually make personalized adjustments to their programming with the guidance of a coach.

Who we do it for?

People who want individualized coaching to help them learn how to continue to make progress towards their goals and increase their performance. People who want both the social aspect of training hard with friends and friendly competition with the benefits of having a detailed and individualized coach.

What makes us different?

Our special sauce? Extensive Level Method fitness options delivered with Michael’s philosophy and principles in a community centered atmosphere. Customizable programming, superior education and superior support.