Every minute of every day we are being judged. It does not matter what we do or do not do. … Continue reading Understand That Judgement is Inevitable

At the start of every staff meeting, Michael reviews the Business Values that the X-Project runs off of. These are … Continue reading Behind the Scenes: Business Values #1 – Integrity Matters

Stop feeling sorry for yourself. Everyone else is scared too. Everyone is afraid. Everyone is in pain. Everyone is facing … Continue reading Stop Feeling Sorry for Yourself

Your improvement in anything is the culmination of thousands of failures. The size of your success is based on how … Continue reading Failure is Improvement

You Get To Choose What You Breathe In Every second of every day is an opportunity. You get to choose … Continue reading You Get To Choose What You Breathe In

The Lie and the Climb   The biggest lie of our generation is this: “When you get what you want, … Continue reading The Lie and the Climb

Problems Don’t Exist   Problems don’t exist. Neither do challenges, difficulties or setbacks if you change your perspective. The only … Continue reading Problems Don’t Exist.

Focus on effort and behaviors, not outcomes. Doing the right things and doing them the best you can is all … Continue reading Patience Takes Times: #dailygaines

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