The good morning was one of the first strength exercises i did during my first 3 months of recover from … Continue reading Low Back Pain When Deadlifting? Start With Good Mornings

All 3 of these kettlebell exercises I did before I even touched the barbell again for deadlift. I had to … Continue reading 3 Kettlebell Exercises To A Pain Free Deadlift

Before my injury, I rarely warmed up. I didn’t take the necessary time to prep my body for heavy lifting. … Continue reading A Warm Up For Before Heavy Deadlifting

3 Exercises For Shoulder Health Even though I had a back injury, these 3 exercises were still incorporated during my … Continue reading 3 Exercises For Shoulder Health

When you are having low back pain, tightness, or spasming, sometimes all it takes is some light stretching to help … Continue reading Low Back Pain? Try “Cat / Cow”

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