Hey X-Project Family,  


          About me and about this blog: My name is Clinton Holley, and I have been a member at the X-Project for over three years.  I have utilized CrossFit methods (getting pretty good at a lot of different things) for the past 9 years.  I use CrossFit as a training program to support my general health (I am a type 1 diabetic) the best way that I can and provide me with an outlet for my own competitive drive and nature. I am starting a blog geared toward members in our gym who want to do extra work after class to bring them closer to their fitness goals. Maybe your fitness goal is competing in your first local competition, lowering your body fat percentage, or PRing a specific benchmark conditioning test or lift. Ever since I joined the X-Project I have been using class as the “backbone” or base of my training. When I have time I like to supplement class with some pieces to further improve my gymnastics, weightlifting, and conditioning where gymnastics, weightlifting, and monostructural movements are all mixed together . . . .a.k.a., mixed modal conditioning. My latest competitive accomplishments are winning the local battle of the vikings competition at CrossFit Odin, attending Wodapalooza last year in the men’s RX team division, and placing one hundred and sixteenth in the mid-atlantic region during the CrossFit open in 2018 (my highest ever!). My goal with this blog is to provide one post per week or one post every two weeks.  The post will contain “extra” work for all of you to do to help improve your conditioning, gymnastics, and weightlifting for the sport of CrossFit and the sport of life. I will also provide information around local competitions, and links where you and your friends can sign up to participate in order to eliminate the hassle in searching for yourself. This will be included at the bottom of the post every month or so. As soon as you sign up for a competition you become a part of the “Competitors Club”, and you should encourage as many members for the gym to sign up with you so that we can come out and represent. I feel like if we can increase this facet of our gym community, it would be pretty awesome! Other topics of discussion could range from supplementation and dieting to sleep and signs of overtraining.

       Ground Rules:  It is important to keep in mind that class is the most important piece of your training, and that this is only supplemental to what you partake in during class.  It is never okay to interrupt class for this programming, or use equipment that is to be used DURING class so that you can complete this “extra” work. For example, if rowing is called for as additional programming for a given day, but class is using all of the rowers, then you should substitute any other monostructural movement to replace rowing for that day.  Some great substitutes for rowing are running, biking, jumping rope, or doing burpees for a similar time frame that you were originally supposed to row. This work can be done in the front part of the gym. When running is called for, you must run out the garage doors, and never walk through class while class is in session.

    Final thoughts: Be sure to check this blog post on a weekly basis to gather additional programming for 4-5 days of the upcoming training week. If you use a training journal, definitely record your results there, and if you use BTWB then you can log these workouts in addition to your class results by opening the application and clicking the large plus in the top right. I typically work out with the five am class with my lovely wife Michelle, and will be trying my best to complete these pieces as often as I can directly after class. Join me if you can or hit them after your class-wod and have fun! If you have any questions about this definitely reach out to me at clintonholley55@gmail.com!


Week 1 



JT for time:




Ring Dips


Notes:  If this appears too taxing for you, lower the reps to 15-12-9 or 12-9-six . .  The idea here is to build our capacity with gymnastics movements.



Row for fifteen minutes

At the 0:00, 5:00, and 10:00 minute mark perform 10-20 toes to bar.

Record total calories rowed.

Notes: Maintain a steady pace on the row, and perform toes to bar in 1-2 sets.


If rowers are unavailable, bike, if bike is unavailable, then change to three rounds of 800 meter run and 10-20 toes to bar.



Build to a heavy split jerk single using the following rep scheme:


Record loads



3 rounds for time:

10 clean and jerks

400 meter run

Notes:  Clean and jerks should be done in 1-2 sets.



Alternating 10 minute EMOM:

  1. 50 double unders
  2. Ten-eight-six-four-two of PUSH PRESS (heavy)

Directly into. . . . . 50 meter OH walking lunge for time @45 lb plate or 25 lb plate. Every time your drop the plate, perform ten burpee penalty.