11/26 Week

 Ground Rules:  It is important to keep in mind that class is the most important piece of your training, and that this is only supplemental to what you partake in during class.  It is never okay to interrupt class for this programming, or use equipment that is to be used DURING class so that you can complete this “extra” work. For example, if rowing is called for as additional programming for a given day, but class is using all of the rowers, then you should substitute any other monostructural movement to replace rowing for that day.  Some great substitutes for rowing are running, biking, jumping rope, or doing burpees for a similar time frame that you were originally supposed to row. This work can be done in the front part of the gym. When running is called for, you must run out the garage doors, and never walk through class while class is in session.

    Final thoughts: Be sure to check this blog post on a weekly basis to gather additional programming for 4-5 days of the upcoming training week. If you use a training journal, definitely record your results there, and if you use BTWB then you can log these workouts in addition to your class results by opening the application and clicking the large plus in the top right. I typically work out with the five am class with my lovely wife Michelle, and will be trying my best to complete these pieces as often as I can directly after class. Join me if you can or hit them after your class-wod and have fun! If you have any questions about this definitely reach out to me at clintonholley55@gmail.com!

Monday – Gymnastics

Alternating EMOM for seven total rounds of each

  1. 17/14 calorie bike
  2. 5-10 ttb or 15 reps of toe to bar modification (with PVC pipe let’s straight up lying on back reaching and crunching to touch PVC to pointed toes)


Context: we are working to get better at performing toe to bar or a progression to get you better at toe

To bar while you are under fatigue. Bike hard and then expect to perform the gymnastics portion while you are winded!


Tuesday – Cardio

3 sets:

30/21 calorie row – rest :30 seconds between each


Rest 1:30 after 3rd set and then repeat 3 sets again.  


Context: Work hard on the rower to maintain similar splits throughout the six rounds, plus or minus 3 seconds is okay.


Wednesday – weightlifting

For time:

30 clean and jerks(185/135), EMOM perform 7 toe to bar or modified progression from Monday.


Context: the weight for this version of grace should be heavier than what you would typically perform grace. I am going to try to get 4 power clean and push jerks each minute after performing the seven toes to bar. Pick a weight where no less than 4 a minute is doable for you.


Friday – metabolic conditioning

7 rounds for time:

9 power snatches, (95/65)

15 wall ball shots, 20 lb/14 lb

200 meter run


Context: intensity is high today. If you are not proficient at power snatching from the floor, then perform from the hang or alternating db snatches! Wall balls should be unbroken.


Saturday – midline

For time:

20 strict pull ups

40 ghd sit ups

80 abmat sit ups



This week there are a lot of toes to bar in the extra programming. This video includes a good warm up routine to improve your toes to bar from paradiso Crossfit. Check it out!