Monday – gymnastics day

2 Rounds of “Strict Cindy”

50′ Handstand Walk

context: the intention here is to improve strict gymnastics and then perform a high level gymnastic skill while your muscles are under fatigue; like walking on your hands. Intentionally go slower on the push ups and pull ups required in Cindy in order to acquire more time under tension.

Cindy: 5 pull ups, 10 push ups, 15 air squats

Tuesday – cardio day

20 Minute Recovery Effort (Choice of Bike, Row, Ski, or Run)
On the 5:00 – 15 Weighted Hip Extensions + Max Effort L-Sit
On the 10:00 – 15 Weighted Hip Extensions + Max Effort L-Sit
On the 15:00 – 15 Weighted Hip Extensions + Max Effort L-Sit
On the 20:00 – 15 Weighted Hip Extensions + Max Effort L-Sit

context: this is a recovery effort, so give a moderate effort during your run, row, or bike so that this isn’t taxing your CNS like an all out 800 meter sprint would.

Friday – Met-con day 

for time:

Burpee Box Jump Overs
Toes to Bar

context: the purpose here is to find your limit, so go unbroken for as long as possible and take note of when and where you needed to take a break, and why. If a break was needed on the toe to bar first; write that down, if it was needed in the bbjo first; write that down!

Saturday – body armor day

3 “Giant” Sets:
8 Sumo Deadlifts
8 Kneeling Unilateral Dumbbell Press (Each Side)
25 Banded Good Mornings
50′ Single Overhead Carry (Each Side)

Rest 2 Minutes Between Sets.

context: work diligently through this and treat it like a big strength building piece, you should get out of breath and be working hard during your giant set.

 Video links for exercises:

Banded goodmorning option 1

Banded good morning option 2

Kneeling unilateral dumbbell press

Local Competition registration links: 

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