This week has a large deal of EMOM type-wods. EMOM work or interval training is great for building your own personal threshold with skill-based gymnastic movements and also increasing your anaerobic threshold like we work on this Friday! Have fun!! E-mail me or reach out on Instagram @clintonholley with any feedback or questions.  Refer back to last weeks post regarding a qualifier for a local competition in DC! 

Monday: Gymnastics day

5 rounds in a :90 second window:

20 calorie row


  • rest :30 seconds after each round. Perform strict HSPU for first three rounds, last two perform kipping HSPU.


Context: Pace your 20 calorie row so that you are composed enough to perform a difficult gymnastics movement for you based upon your own progression. This work out could be done with push ups and still hit the same stimulus if you don’t have HSPU yet. If you have strict and kipping HSPU this one is meant to build your stamina with performing kipping HSPU after burning yourself out on the strict HSPU!

Tuesday: Monostructural day: happy new year!!!! 

Run a 5k for time!

Wednesday: Weightlifting day

5 sets of:

Power snatch + hang squat snatch + squat snatch

Context: This piece should consist of ten to twelve total sets – including your warm up set with weight. Build up so that your last five sets are at a moderate to heavy weight – depending on how you’re feeling. The hang squat snatch to squat snatch should be touch and go.

Friday: Metcon day


On the 4:00 for 5 rounds:

9 bbjo (24/20)

15 dumbbell front squat (50’s/35’s)

15/12 calorie assault bike

Context: This workout will be challenging – see how round one goes and if four minutes is too ambitious then increase it to something appropriate for you. You could also decrease the reps to be able to complete one round each four minutes. This workout is more threshold training similar to what we did Tuesday. This piece will be done at more of an “aerobic” pace due to the increased amount of work in each interval.

Saturday: Body armour day

3 giant sets not for time:

10 good mornings

20 box step ups

30 glute bridges

40 abmat sit ups

Context: Use weight for as much as this as you can. Work diligently through this piece at an elevated heart rate but treat this more like a “strength” piece as opposed to rushing through as fast as possible.