Monday – Weakness Development/mobility or 19.4 repeat 

Weakness #1

sets: 4-5 performed every 2 min

reps: challenging number of perfect reps of your weakness

mobility: smashing quads and lats with KB and foam roller for 10-15 minutes


19.4 repeat effort

Tuesday: Monostructural day

row conditioning

For time:

2k row at 80-85%

100 double unders

1k row at 90-100%

Wednesday: Weakness Deveopment/mobility 

Weakness #2: challenging number of reps EMOMx12

sets: EMOM for 12 minutes. On even minutes focus on weakness #2. On odd minutes perform 12 – 15 calories on the bike.

Mobility: Banded distraction work for hip external rotation. Banded distraction for ankle flexion with KB on top of knee.

Friday: Heavy Day 

(don’t do this if you want to give your best effort in the open on Saturday)

Thruster 5×5

1 set every :90 for 5 working sets

context: Take time to get yourself to your “working” sets and hit one set every 1:30.

Saturday: Weakness Deveopment/mobility 

19.4 then….

Weakness #1 + weakness #2

sets/reps: EMOM style workout for 10-15 minutes hitting challenging number of reps, alternating weaknesses EMOM

mobility: smashing calves and Thoracic spine with foam roller. Smashing posterior chain with lax ball while seated on a box 10-15 minutes total.

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