Monday – Weakness Development/mobility or 19.2 repeat 

Weakness #1 :

sets: 5 sets of weakness work for 10 – 15 minutes

reps: challenging number of perfect reps of your weakness

mobility: smashing pecs with softball, Lats with foam roller, and thoracic spine for 10-15 minutes


19.2 repeat effort

Tuesday: Monostructural day

Jump rope Conditioning

5 sets of near max effort double under.

Rest 1:30 between attempts (aim to hit a challenging number on each set; for me this would be 75-100)

Wednesday: Weakness Deveopment/mobility 

Weakness #2:

sets: EMOM 10-15 minutes

odd minutes: perform challenging number of reps for weakness #2 development

even minutes: 200 meter run

Mobility: Banded distraction work for hip, ankle, and hamstrings as your target areas

Friday: Heavy Day 

(don’t do this if you want to give your best effort in the open on Saturday)

Power snatch+hang squat snatch+ squat snatch

1 set every :90 for 5 working sets

context: Take time to get yourself to your “working” sets and hit one set every 1:30. Drop the bar after you complete the hang squat snatch, reset and hit your squat snatch from the floor.

Saturday: Weakness Deveopment/mobility 

19.2 then….

Weakness #1 + weakness #2

sets/reps: EMOM style workout for 10-15 minutes hitting challenging number of reps, alternating weaknesses EMOM

mobility: smashing and foam rolling ankles, quads, glutes (lower body)

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