Ground Rules:  It is important to keep in mind that class is the most important piece of your training, and that this is only supplemental to what you partake in during class.  It is never okay to interrupt class for this programming, or use equipment that is to be used DURING class so that you can complete this “extra” work. For example, if rowing is called for as additional programming for a given day, but class is using all of the rowers, then you should substitute any other monostructural movement to replace rowing for that day.  Some great substitutes for rowing are running, biking, jumping rope, or doing burpees for a similar time frame that you were originally supposed to row. This work can be done in the front part of the gym. When running is called for, you must run out the garage doors, and never walk through class while class is in session.

Final thoughts: Be sure to check this blog post on a weekly basis to gather additional programming for 4-5 days of the upcoming training week. If you use a training journal, definitely record your results there, and if you use BTWB then you can log these workouts in addition to your class results by opening the application and clicking the large plus in the top right. I typically work out with the five am class with my lovely wife Michelle, and will be trying my best to complete these pieces as often as I can directly after class. Join me if you can or hit them after your class-wod and have fun! If you have any questions about this definitely reach out to me at!


Weekly note:

Be sure to attend Raven’s barbell class if you want to lift heavy this week. On the weightlifting day we are working on light to moderate barbell cycling as opposed to moderate to heavy snatching or clean and jerking!


Monday – gymnastics day


4 min AMRAP:


Unbroken pull ups

1-2-3-4-5-6-7-8-9, etc.


Directly into:

50 ring dips for time


Context: come off the bar after every set, but make your breaks as brief as possible to climb the ladder as high as possible. Each set is unbroken. Record your score and at the 4 minute mark go directly into fifty ring dips for time. Kip if you are able to kip everything, and do c2b if you are able to do so for pull ups.


Tuesday – cardio day


6 sets:

21 calorie bike

Rest 1 minute between efforts


Context: first seven calories are at a light pace, second seven calories are at a moderate pace, and the last seven are all out. Try to improve your score each and every set.


Wednesday – weightlifting day


For time:

21 s2OH 95/65

15 s2OH 135/95

9 s2OH 185/135

15 s2OH 135/95

21 s2OH 95/65


Context: weight should start at a light and build to a moderate weight for you! This workout should be fast with a focus on maintaining good positioning with regards to cycling the barbell from shoulder overhead as you become out of breath and fatigued from the amount of reps performed. Try to only break 2-4 times throughout the entire workout (not counting when you need to change weights). One example of good positioning for this workout  includes keeping an upright torso during your dip and reaching full hip extension before dipping under the bar to catch and lockout overhead. Check out the link below for some great pointers before tackling this piece.


Tips on shoulder to overhead cycling


Friday – metabolic conditioning day


5 rounds:

Amrap 4:

400 meter run

1 round of “Cindy”

5-10-15 of pull up, push up, air squat

Max power snatches at 115/80 in remaining time


Context: pace this workout to improve your power snatches by one to two reps each round, so leave some gas in the tank out of the gate. Most Crossfit athletes need work on pacing and keeping composure at the beginning of workouts in order to keep performance consistent through the medium to longer time domains.


Saturday – body armour day


2 min chin over bar hold

2 min GHD supine hold

2 min chin over bar hold


  • every break perform 50 double unders


Context: this workout is all about building our isometric holding capabilities. Work hard throughout this piece to breathe as you are holding the positions and pushing your limits to get this done as fast as possible!