New Focus for this blog: After attending the CrossFit Level 2 seminar with Michael, I have come to realize that identifying and correcting weaknesses should be at the forefront of adding in additional work to our classes.  It is now your job to identify two weaknesses that you wish to improve. We will work on improving these weaknesses through sets and EMOM style workouts after classes three days of the week. I will also program two additional workouts to be done with intensity for the other two days of the week. For your reference, my two weaknesses to work toward will be:

1. Squatting with an upright torso

2. Kipping gymnastics movements

Think of your weaknesses at your 2 most “limiting factors” and then movements that address those limiting factors would be those you practice. If you have any questions about what weaknesses to identify or how to work on improving your specific weaknesses please let me, Michael, or any other coach at the gym know so that we can help you get better. This layout follows the premise that More is not always Better with regards to movement and improving your abilities as a Crossfit athlete.

Article regarding the importance of improving limiting factors/weaknesses

This week I will write in what I did for a reference to develop your program.

Monday – Weakness Development/mobility 

Weakness #1 :

sets: 3-5 sets

reps: challenging number of perfect reps of your weakness

time: 15 minutes

me: 3 sets of superset:

10 air squat, 10 squat with a plate out front, 10 single arm overhead squats with dumbbell

mobility: banded distractions; lower body time: 15 minutes

Tuesday: Monostructural day

Row Conditioning
On the 0:00 – 21/15 Calorie Row
On the 1:30 – 18/13 Calorie Row
On the 3:00 – 15/11 Calorie Row

On the 5:00 – 21/15 Calorie Row
On the 6:30 – 18/13 Calorie Row
On the 8:00 – 15/11 Calorie Row

On the 10:00 – 21/15 Calorie Row
On the 11:30 – 18/13 Calorie Row
On the 13:00 – 15/11 Calorie Row

Context: row hard.

Wednesday: Weakness Deveopment/mobility 

Weakness #2:

sets/reps: E2MOM style workout where you hit a challenging number of reps

Time: 15 minutes

me: 5 sets of 5 ring muscle ups

one set done every 1:30.

Mobility: Smashing back/lats for 15 minutes

Friday: Heavy Day 

Split Jerk


context: sets of 3 should be at 70-80 percent. Take time to get yourself to your “working” sets and hit one set every 2:00.

Saturday: Weakness Deveopment/mobility 

Weakness #1 + weakness #2

sets/reps: EMOM style workout for 10-15 minutes hitting challenging number of reps, alternating weakness EMOM

me: EMOM x 12: alternating movements each minute

10-15 kipping HSPU , 10 OHS with empty barbell

mobility: smashing lower body

Upcoming competitions:

Spring competition in Hanover, PA for Masters athletes in May!

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