Fitness for Everyone

About X-Project

X-Project Fitness is a gym that offers Personal Training, Nutrition Coaching, and Group Strength and Fitness Classes. We help busy people lose weight, gain strength, and feel better by providing personalized eating and fitness coaching in a team-based setting. Everything that happens here is with the guidance of the coach.

Personal Coaching

We offer 1-on-1 personal training for people who want extra accountability and details for both nutrition and fitness. They receive hour-long workouts with a coach, a personalized program to follow, and individual nutrition guidance and adjustments.

Group Strength and Fitness Classes

We do group fitness classes that combine strength training and cardio. Our coaches help modify every workout to fit the level and goal of every individual in a class. Our creative combination of bodyweight exercises, weights, and cardio is the next evolution of group fitness.

Nutrition Coaching

We offer nutrition coaching based on key principles guaranteed to help any take their current habits and make them successful with CrossFit.

Our Philosophy

We believe that fitness is a byproduct of a lifestyle change and not the other way around. We believe in intelligent training meant to help you make progress over a lifetime, and keep the progress you make. We don’t do any crash diets or jump on crazy new fads. We stick to proven fundamentals that are guaranteed to produce results.

Our Community

We believe that fitness is a byproduct of relationships and culture. The relationships that we build in our gym prove to be all the accountability and support that you’ll need on your journey. The culture of community and caring, combined with positive encouragement and hard work, make our formula for success contagious.