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Continued from Jess, Part 1, 2, and 3

I have a lot of goals in my life — personal, professional, adventure goals. I have a lot of things I want to accomplish and achieve and make reality. A lot of goals and imaginations that sometimes keeps me from living in the present moment. Which is okay, if you truly understand what it takes, have patience for it, enjoy the process of it, and keep laying one brick in front of the other, not letting frustration, angry, impatience, uncertainty, or worry get in the way. Cause there will be challenges, setbacks, things that go wrong. If you are prepare and adapt for those and stick to your why and values and beliefs, then no amount of struggle can stop you.

However, it is still valuable to have imagination — to still think and dream big. It is as when we start to get older, we believe there is this rule that we still can’t think or act like kids? I say, screw it. Dare to dream and choose to be limitless in your goals and who you want to grow into.

One of my empowering beliefs is that there is a never-ending journey of one’s life purpose. There will always be more to give, more to see, more to do, more to say, more to share, more to learn, more to be. The growth as an individual is never ending. Your potential for greatness never has a cap. The absolute best possible version of you is never complete. All I can hope for is that each morning I wake up with a deeper sense of purpose and I go to bed each night feeling certain I gave my all in everything I had for the day.

For me, my measure for growth comes down to this: being 1% better than I was yesterday; a 1% better coach, a 1% better athlete, a 1% better friend, a 1% better person, a 1% better student. It is about being the role model I needed when I was 16. It is about giving more of myself day after day, maximizing every minute and every interaction, and deciding to be the person TODAY that I want to be in the future. Whether I am reading an empowering book, writing a reflection or my random thoughts on life, training in the gym, coaching a CrossFit class or my high school athletes, or talking with friends or family, my growth NEVER STOPS.

So who do I hope to grow into? I hope to grow into a better teacher, a better communicator, a better friend, a better athlete, a better coach, a better contributor, a better decision maker, a better forgiver, a better daughter, a better sister, a better student, and a better fearless female on this earth. Perfection can never be reached, but there isn’t a rule saying I can’t do everything I can to get as close to perfection as possible and grow into the best I am capable of becoming.

Anyone who thinks they know everything and are “content” with life and who they are, suffer more pain than they show and destroy any growth to have any positive impact on the world.

What legacy will you leave?