You need to create a very wide base of mobility before you try and progress into any kind of advanced movement pattern. If you cannot put your arms overhead without pain there is no good reason for you to be attempting any kind of high skilled movement. We have to fight the urge to push through the pain and stop fighting spending more time on mobility. Allowing your body to move how it is SUPPOSED to move should be higher on your priority list than trying to attempt kipping pull-ups.We are here to help you fight the good fight and stop fighting your much needed mobility.

We want to give you as many tools as possible to add to your mobility library. This week is all about global extension, similar idea to thoracic extension from last week but these drills put you more in a safe back bend position as opposed to focusing on just the Thoracic region.

The Thoracic region starts just at the base of the neck and continues to the start of the low back.

The drill below is very passive and should be used throughout the day, giving yourself a full 3-5 minutes in the full extended position. Really trying to create the feel of change in the muscle tissue.

This opener is a great one to do when you wake up and right before bed.  Check out the image below, make sure to breathe deep and your core engaged the whole time!

  Improving global extension can help relieve back pain, reset your postural alignment and yes EVENTUALLY help you with kipping pull-ups.

Thoracic extension via improving global extension allows you to properly open and close your shoulders when preforming pull-ups.

To get a more in depth look at global extension and your weekly mobility prescription checkout this week’s Mobility WoD by clicking the link below!

Mobility WoD Week 3: One thing you should do every day!