Our Approach

Why We Developed This Approach…

With so many untruths in the industry, and amazing people like you being made to feel like your health journey is less important or even totally out of reach, we knew we had to step up in a BIG way.

We’ve Seen it All…

We’ve watched you move out of the way of the big jocks, because you were made to feel unwelcome and “in the way” in any fitness space. We have watched you be grouped into extreme cardio classes where you are forced to compare yourself and your abilities to everyone else in the room. You have been pushed aside and deemed incapable before you even have a chance to try.

When you walk through our doors, we see you as the individual you are. You have a name, you have a family, you have a career, and hobbies that you love. You have fears, hopes, and goals. We want to know all of it, because we are invested in you as a person. That is why at The X, your journey with us starts as a conversation. We promise, no hard sell. Let’s just sit down and talk about you. Sound good? Then you are going to want to keep reading!

How We Work With You…


Let’s Talk

Reach out to us through our contact form or give us a call to schedule your no sweat tour. Taking that first step is never easy, but we’ve got your back! This is where we get to hear how awesome you are and what personal goals you want to conquer. And of course, it’s on the house. We can’t wait to meet you!


The Good Part

Now that we have gotten to know each other better, we get to work creating a custom program for you and only you. Our programs are based on hard science and your unique goals and lifestyle.


The Even Better Part

Now that you have the tools you need and our amazing community by your side, there is nothing you can’t do! We will be with you every step of the way as you meet your goals.

Ready To Get Started?


Founder & Head Coach

My career started as a personal trainer at your typical “big box” gym franchise. Although it was a challenge from day 1, I was ready for it – clients at 5 am, clients at 9 pm; clients who aspired to be collegiate athletes; clients who had never exercised; clients who wanted a “quick fix” and crash diets; clients who were lost; and clients who were stepping into the gym for the first time.

It was a daily challenge working with a “one size fits all” program and platform created by executives focused on profit over people. Everyone is so different, so why is the program the same for each person?

I became continually frustrated – how was anyone supposed to hit their individual goals with a program created for an “average” person. How were my clients ever going to feel encouraged when their progress and success was based on impossible standards? It was wrong, and I was determined to do something better.

There needed to be a genuine collaboration of long-term strategies aligned with our member’s unique goals and lifestyles. Couple that with a safe place where they are heard, seen, and understood. Where programs for exercise, diet, lifestyle changes, conquering health battles, and gaining control are creatively designed, individually prepared, intelligently managed, and continually monitored. It took some time to get it right, but I finally curated a program in a place where each member is individually recognized, yet part of a like-minded community. A place we call The X…and a program that is Proudly Different.

My name is Michael Gaines, and I am the proud founder and head coach of The X. Before you ask…the answer is yes – I hold numerous certifications and have put in years of research that serves as the backbone of every individual program we curate. Our members are my family, and it’s hard to articulate the joy I get watching them triumph over their health, fitness, and diet battles. The results are real, long-term, and rewarding. Stop in and say hello. Tell us how you define success and we’ll help you get there!

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