My name is Rob Hale; most people know me as “Chief” and I am 53 years old.
My first taste of CrossFit was at Michaels gym over 2 ½ years ago when he was still in the old gym. I had spent 20 years in the Navy as a diver and daily exercise was the way of life during that time. When I retired from the service as a Chief Petty Officer, I pretty much became a couch potato for 10 years. I figured since it took 20 years to get into my current shape, it should take 20 years to “get out of shape. Boy, was I wrong. I have three sons who are into CrossFit, and they convinced my wife to join. After a while, they persuaded me to join and I figured two birds with one stone: quality family time and maybe shed a few pounds.

My first meeting with Michael was goal setting; what did I want from this experience. My goal was simple, after reaching 225 lbs at 5’9”, it would be nice to be able to tie my shoes without holding my breath. Then, I jumped in with both feet. My first CrossFit class was intimidating, at first, but Michael and Kyle made me feel at home. The hardest part for me during that initial time was learning the technique of the skill before loading the bar up. After I got over that learning curve, the progress began, the pounds came off, and I could tie my shoes without holding my breath. Score big time! I got down to 190 lbs. After some eating habit adjustments, tracking my workouts (LOG BOOK as Michael preaches), and setting new goals, I am now hanging out at 200 lbs and feeling great. I can’t seem to get enough to eat now to maintain the energy.

I love the atmosphere the X-Project provides. Well, maybe not the Bieber songs. This year I am participating in my first CrossFit OPEN, and I’m finding out I can do more than I thought I could. I have met so many interesting and diverse people, and I have made a lot of new friends at the gym. I really appreciate the support and guidance the coaches and my friends have given me. I wish I would have started CrossFit as soon as I retired from the Navy. I continue to set new goals as I reach the old ones. Maybe one day this old man will achieve a muscle up.