Shoulder pain during overhead movements like push press, push jerks, or handstand push ups? Notice that you lean to one side during handstand push ups or you’re compensating to one arm during overhead barbell movements? Mostly likely, you’ve got a left to right strength imbalance.

Here is an easy way to test if you do: find your 8RM STRICT press on both your left & right sides. No usually your legs for momentum — the only body part that should move is the shoulder.

So what did you find? Were you able to press the same weight? Did you only get 8 on one side, but 3 on the other? Did you press 35# with your left for 8 reps, but only 30# for 8 reps on your right?

For optimal shoulder health, the single arm press is one of your go to’s. Need help fixing your shoulder imbalance? Comment below or send us a message!

Here’s how to perform the single arm press: