As a CrossFit Box Owner I get a lot of flak from friends and acquaintance in the Strength and Conditioning realm who are proud CrossFit haters. I decided to give in and jump on the Hate Train with them and share with you some of the stuff about CrossFit that I hate too.

  1. My clients clothes don’t fit like they used to and it can be infuriating. Over the past 6 years of owning the gym I have seen people morph their bodies into strong, toned and healthy versions. This includes decreasing the size of some areas and increasing the size of others. Waists are smaller, butts and thighs are bigger, shoulders and arms don’t fit the same as they used to with the guns that continue to develop. Now clothing sizes can be difficult because they need something that will fit the new, healthy, strong shape of their bodies. My clients have had their entire wardrobes destroyed and now they have to go shopping to buy brand new stuff to show off their #gainz. CrossFit is to blame for that.
  2. My CrossFit Community has overwhelmed my clients with new friends. So many people they may have never crossed paths with otherwise and now close friends. Happy hours, social gatherings, family togetherness. It’s all a lot of happiness to keep up with. It’s a real challenge to have to be surrounded with so many people who you care about and who care about you. Having such a strong support system can be overwhelming because it makes it so much hard to find legit excuses. All of my clients complain about have too many friends now. CrossFit is absolutely to blame for the friendships.
  3. The new found fitness my clients have achieved has given them a huge increase in energy, libido and confidence. I see people every day stepping out of their comfort zone and going after the things that they want in their lives. I see it both in and outside of the gym. They don’t pass up an opportunity to meet someone new. They don’t pass up an opportunity to take the next step in their career. They don’t pass up an opportunity to do something fun and spontaneous with their friends and family. Please, blame CrossFit for this too.
  4. My clients talk way more than they used to. They talk about positive things, their new interests and goals. They talk about CrossFit. They talk about CrossFit a lot. They talk about food and cooking. They talk about healthy habits. They talk about handstands and muscle-ups and double unders. They talk about how hard they worked and how much progress they made. They talk about their activities on the weekends. They talk about their new relationships at work. They talk, talk, talk, talk talk. Non-stop. I hear so many positive things all day long. CrossFit is to blame for this overwhelming about of positivity

So when I hear people tell me “CrossFit is dumb.” I enthusiastically thank them for their thorough analysis on the methodology and agree with them.

When I hear people tell me “CrossFit doesn’t work”. I thank them for pointing out that all of the smiling faces and success stories I see every day are in my imagination.

CrossFit is just a fad that is going to die quickly, obviously. I mean, it’s only been around for 20 years and has completely flipped the fitness industry on its head and has opened up thousands new possibilities for anyone in the fitness world. Health and fitness are more accessible to everyone than ever before and that is only increasing every day. Weight lifting, power lifting, gymnastics, group fitness, personal fitness and competitive fitness have all reached new, previously unimaginable heights thanks to the movement CrossFit created.

Other than the thousands of obvious reasons to support CrossFit, it really is annoying how great it is.