Ground Rules:  It is important to keep in mind that class is the most important piece of your training, and that this is only supplemental to what you partake in during class.  It is never okay to interrupt class for this programming, or use equipment that is to be used DURING class so that you can complete this “extra” work. For example, if rowing is called for as additional programming for a given day, but class is using all of the rowers, then you should substitute any other monostructural movement to replace rowing for that day.  Some great substitutes for rowing are running, biking, jumping rope, or doing burpees for a similar time frame that you were originally supposed to row. This work can be done in the front part of the gym. When running is called for, you must run out the garage doors, and never walk through class while class is in session.

    Final thoughts: Be sure to check this blog post on a weekly basis to gather additional programming for 4-5 days of the upcoming training week. If you use a training journal, definitely record your results there, and if you use BTWB then you can log these workouts in addition to your class results by opening the application and clicking the large plus in the top right. I typically work out with the five am class with my lovely wife Michelle, and will be trying my best to complete these pieces as often as I can directly after class. Join me if you can or hit them after your class-wod and have fun! If you have any questions about this definitely reach out to me at!



For time:

50 double unders/ 21 kipping HSPU or push ups

50 double unders/ 15 kipping HSPU or push ups

50 double unders/ 9 kipping HSPU or push ups

50 double unders/ 15 kipping HSPU or push-ups

50 double unders/ 21 kipping HSPU or push-ups


Note: If you cannot do this many double unders, do single unders.  If this many HSPU is too much, then do push ups and it will still be very difficult and you will hit the intended stimulus!



100 weighted abmat sit-ups for time:


Reps 1-25: Done @ heaviest load ( weighted plate held out in front of you or over your chest)

Reps twenty six-50: Slightly lighter than set before

Reps 51-75: Slightly lighter than set before

Reps seventy six-100: No load


Directly into 1 mile run for time



Minutes 1-2-3: 3 squat cleans from sixty five to seventy five %

Minute 4: Rest

Minutes 5-six-7: 2 squat cleans from seventy five % to eighty five %

Minute 8: Rest

Minutes 9-10-11: 1 squat clean from 85% to 90%

Minute 12: Rest


Then complete 3 singles above 90% if 90% was a successful lift . . if it wasn’t then stop!



4 supersets:

Max effort single arm Dumbbell strict press (50/35) each arm directly into

5 tempo double KB deadlift @ 70/55 ; 5 seconds up 5 seconds down.


Local Competitions:


Battle of the sexes in Baltimore, MD on 11/17:


Guardian Games in Ashland, VA on 11/17:


War of the Master, “For Masters, by Masters” in Elkton, MD on 11/3: