Hello X-Project friends, let’s start off week 2 of the new year strong. Let someone know when you PR Fran this week, it’s a big deal.

Monday – cardio day

For total time:
21-18-15-12-9: Calorie Row
Rest :30 Seconds Between Intervals

18-15-12-9-6: Calorie Row
Rest :30 Seconds Between Intervals

context: the rest interval on these rowing attempts is relatively low, so giving 100% is not sustainable. We want to find a challenging cal/hr and try to hold that throughout the first three sets, and then hopefully be able  to crank it up a bit for the last two attempts!

Tuesday – gymnastics day

For time:

100 Double Unders + 12 Bar Muscle-ups + 6 Parallette Handstand Push-ups             100 Double Unders + 8 Bar Muscle-ups + 4 Parallette Handstand Push-ups
100 Double Unders + 4 Bar Muscle-ups + 2 Parallette Handstand Push-ups

Context: This is a descending ladder of difficult pulling and pushing gymnastic movements. If you are unable to do baR muscle ups and hspu on the paralletes, then do chest to bar pull ups and possibly handstand push ups from a one to two plate deficit. Either way, the two gymnastics movements should be challenging even at a low rep range.

Wednesday – weightlifting day

On the 90 Seconds x 5 Rounds:
25′ Handstand Walk O-Course
3-3-2-2-1: Power Cleans

context: increase weight throughout each set of power cleans and work on YOUR handstand progression directly after. If you are able to walk on your hands, then walk a set distance that is moderately challenging after each set of power cleans. Be sure that your are catching your power cleans in the same position that you squat in!

Friday – met-con day

Thrusters (95/65)

Context: get after it and see if you can come close to a PR after class!

Saturday – midline

Russian Kettlebell Swings (70/53)
GHD Sit-ups

context: this workout WILL fry you! I did it on 1/5 and it was super difficult. KBS should be unbroken and try to performed each set of sit ups in two sets or less until you get to the set of 20/10! If you are unable to handle that volume of GHD sit ups then exchange them for abmat sit ups. If you have never done 100 or more GHD sit ups in one session at the gym, then do not start now.


Check out the following article link regarding tbe GHD sit up, how effective of an exercise it is, and how to engage the rectus femoris in order to perform reps under fatigue effectively!

Everything you need to know regarding GHDSU’s:)