As you are all aware, there is an increased effort for hygiene and awareness due to the spread of the newly identified virus. 

We make every effort to keep our facility as clean as possible at all times with your help, and we are asking now for even more effort from you guys:

  1. Rule number one is ALWAYS to stay away from the gym when you are sick. We are asking now that you take even more precautions and though we miss you, take an extra day off if you are even iffy.
    1. What classifies as sick, you ask? EVERYTHING. If you have to ask, stay home.
  2. Please make liberal use of the hand sanitizer mounted on the wall up front, and wash your hands before and after working out.
  3. Every day we wipe down equipment at the end of class, but sometimes it’s a little lack luster. Please make every effort to thoroughly wipe and clean everything you use while in the gym. We will ensure the mop is available for sweaty areas.
  4. We want to cheer you on and encourage you, but in following other workplace and hospital guidelines, we ask that you limit high fives and fist bumps for now.
  5. Unfortunately, the school closures will make things difficult for the parents, but we ask that you not bring any children into the gym at this time.

Unless absolutely forced to close by Larry himself, the gym will remain open

However, we understand your lives will be disrupted and may have to skip days. On Monday, we will provide 2 weeks worth of home workouts that follow the programming we have been working on.

Additionally, we have hired a professional sanitizing company to perform a deep and thorough cleaning of the facility, including sanitization. The staff will also increase the usual cleaning protocols, ensuring the gym is a safe and clean environment that you feel comfortable in. 

As always, Michael and Kati are available for questions or concerns. Thanks guys!