We are excited to announce a new class offering on Saturday mornings between regular Crossfit classes, beginning at 9:00am.

Inversion with Gabby!

If the workout tomorrow morning were to list wall walks, HSPU or even handstand walks – would the thought of being upside down sound horrifying or just a little too intimidating? Do you want to feel more confident in getting upside down and build your core strength in the process? Then this is a perfect class for you!

Every Saturday morning from 9:00am to 9:20am, Gabby will lead a 20 minute inversion class to begin or end your workout. This class will provide foundational instruction in a way that will dissolve fear and teach tips and practice to get YOU upside down.

During this class, you will have the opportunity to learn to safely enter the following:

  • Headstands
  • Forearm stands
  • Handstands
  • Shoulder stands

About Gabby

Gabby grew up in Frederick, Maryland a majority of her life but was blessed with the opportunity to live on the beautiful island Guam. She lived on Guam for three years and moved back to Frederick. Shortly after moving to Baltimore, Gabby found yoga while she was making a shift in her lifestyle. Coming from an athletic background of competitive cheerleading her whole life, Gabby was initially drawn to yoga for physical reasons. Later she began to look into the holistic lifestyle and found a true passion for organic foods and healing within.

With the help of fellow teachers and friends hinting day and day how wonderful and inspiring teacher training is, Gabby finally decided to do it! Gabby completed her teacher training at Sid Yoga Center in Towson with Lindsay Lusignea and Sid McNairy.

On the mat:

Gabby loves the empowering tone of the practice while still feeling a sense of peace and ease in her body. As a teacher Gabby brings openness and acceptance to the class. She also brings power while flowing with grace. Students receive inspiration and openness throughout their body from her classes. Gabby’s down-to-earth, go with the flow personality leaves little room for judgement or expectation students may have for their practice. While Gabby inspires and motivates her students to push past their comfort zone; she is all about an intuitive and meaningful practice. To Gabby, yoga is not about the perfect posture you can get your body into. She teaches to lead with your heart and to understand that each practice will be completely different than the last.

This class runs for six weeks, so check it out!

There is a sign up sheet at the front desk if you’d like to join.

Feel free to reach out to Gabby or Kati with any questions!