Behind the Scenes at our Staff Meetings. This is the message Michael delivered to his staff about coaching with the gifts that make you special.

“There is an epidemic of mediocrity spreading through our society and our industry. The combination of inauthenticity and conformity has trapped so many of us and has made us ineffective.
Stop trying to be like everyone else. Stop pretending to be perfect and all knowing. Stop feeding your ego. Stop trying to be me.
Be you. Be authentic. Be genuine. Tell your story. Share things from your perspective. Be vulnerable and share that emotion with everyone you meet. Answer the question about the purpose of your life and then share that with everyone you meet. You’re not here just to be a fitness coach. You’re here to change lives and save lives. But you cant do that if you try to be like everyone else. You cant do that if you’re afraid to be vulnerable and step outside the box.
Be the hero of your own story. Every day is an opportunity share something new with everyone you interact with. No one in the world has the same story or perspective as you. You are a work of art. You are one of a kind. You are unique and compelling in ways you’ll never understand if you don’t shed the armor of the ego and show the world all of your vulnerabilities.
Say something that scares to everyone you coach. You have a message that they need to hear. They’re waiting for you to share it.
Being here is about more than coaching CrossFit or teaching about fitness. It is about people and relationships and purpose and faith and values and a hundred other things I could list before CrossFit.
I am here to be a resource for you to help you share your story. I am here to show you the unique gifts that you possess and to help you discover the purpose of your life that becomes the weapon you use to save those you work with.
Ask more of me so that you can ask more of yourself. Once you have decided to be the hero and to be vulnerable enough to share that story, then we can start talking about hard work and technical knowledge. But integrity, character, values, empathy, caring and human connection all come first.”
-Michael Gaines to his Staff-