Don’t let yourself be a part of the one-month-and-done crowd this January. Don’t join the start-again-stop-again club this year. Commit to making the changes and commit to making the right decisions.

Here are 3 ways CrossFit can help you get started on the right foot and stick with it for the entire year in 2019.

#1. Good Timing

We often overlook the importance of timing when we set out towards any goal. The reality is that sometimes timing is the most important variable and if we stumble right out the gate it may be unlikely we will ever catch up.  There are three key variables to good time; starting right, starting together and starting again.

Starting Right.

The first month may be the most important month, even when talking about long term success. Starting off the right way leads to early victories and momentum but also teaches us the important habits that our success will be built on. By joining a CrossFit gym you’ll receive all the coaching and guidance you need. Understanding the right progressions and timing makes your life a lot easier when looking to make a change. It’s also nice to have all the programming determined for you before you even walk in the door. Having a coach and planned classes allows you to change your mindset to focusing solely on the work that needs to be done and relieves you of the worry of figuring out the best methods to get you results.

Starting Together.

Starting out towards a goal in a group increases your likelihood of success. The more common the goal among the group, the better the odds. The more the group likes each other, even better odds.  CrossFit provides a group / team training environment that gives everyone the support and encouragement they need to stick through the challenging parts of any journey.

Starting Again.

It does not matter how mentally tough we are or how perfect our plan is. We are probably going to mess up more than a few times. That is totally okay. Everyone has slip ups, sometimes more than we want to admit. But perfection is not the goal. Consistency is. If you’re willing to bounce back from your mistakes, you’re going to be successful. CrossFit is a place where it does not matter if you workout every day of your life or haven’t worked out in years. The “Start Again” mentality is built into the culture and allows people to be honest and open with themselves, check their egos at the door and just show up and do their best whenever they can.

#2. Strong Relationships

It’s not just the instructions and motivation you’ll receive from your coach. It’s the people that are around you and the friends you make from the shared experiences of struggle and overcoming the challenges that you face. I love telling new members that you have 3-5 of the best friends you’ll ever meet at any CrossFit box, you just don’t know it yet. It’s always true. The bond that you create with the people you workout with carries outside the gym also. The group outings, BBQs, happy hours and more that we do as a group really makes you feel like you’re a part of a larger community.

#3. Committed Culture.

When you surround yourself with like minded people who all share a common goal of improving themselves, it is contagious. Every time you come into the gym you know you’re surrounded by people who have checked their ego at the door. They want to see you there, they want to workout with you and face challenges together. They want to talk about their struggle, they want to share their ideas, they want to celebrate your progress and they want you to celebrate theirs. It creates a culture of problem solving, of goal setting, of commitment and of family. Being a part of a culture like that makes success a whole lot easier.


What are some of the things that you love about CrossFit that keeps you coming back for more?