Have you noticed the large ‘coming soon’ banner on the wall in the gym?

Have you heard Michael mention the Level Method tests?

In this video, Michael gives you a formal introduction of Level Method and how we will be incorporating it to better support the goals and progressions of every person at The X-Project.

[videopress 0Lmlw7WR]


The Level Method is an innovative system for managing and progressing in a group environment.

There are a series of tests designed to measure and promote your fitness level, organized as levels that range from novice to expert and correlate with the belt colors of jujitsu. Every person, at every level, with any limitation, will be able to find where they are and move forward with success.

Michael discusses customization and individualization as the core foundations of our goal at The X-Project, and emphasizes that every person has a progression and movement that is best for their abilities and current level to progress forward. Using the Level Method will allow us to add much more depth and layers to that mission in a concise way.

It will not be replacing the programming or determining the workout of the day, it is a structure that will supporting what we are already doing by:

  • Pinpointing weaknesses
  • Providing incentives and safety measures 
  • Delivering a ranking system for each athlete to better understand their progress
  • Demonstrating incremental and objective goals that everyone can use to move forward
  • Encouraging Informed decisions to maximize the effectiveness of every workout

Instead of building our curriculum based on arbitrary sets, reps, ‘RX’s’, we have been using the workout stimulus to build our workouts, and the energy systems the Level Method outlines as categories supports that. 

The best part? There’s a clear, color coded, gigantic map of the levels across all the systems so you can follow your progress and visualize your goals. Done are the days of scaling, bring on building your own program. 

The Level Method provides the framework, the structure and the nutrients that we need for every person to take things to the next level.

We will begin pre-tests Monday January 7th to introduce the Level Method framework and give everyone an idea of how the test days will be structured. Michael can’t wait to share more details as we go, so bring your smiles and as always, do the work.