This week we are focusing on thoracic extension. We show you how to fix imbalances created by our all to common lack of Thoracic mobility. If you feel tight overhead or spend hours a day working at a desk or on your phone. There is a good chance you have created some imbalances . Often referred to as “text neck”, we spend so much time in this internally rotated position it becomes the norm for the adult population!

“Text Neck- the constant head foreward position creating a nasty imbalance.”

We can reverse and improve this imbalance though. Beginning with these two Thoracic extension and flexion drills.

#1Placing your upper back on a foam roller get your core organized (squeeze your belly button to your back). Then slowly extend back and over the foam roller.  Then come back into flexion by folding forward while maintaining an organized core. Your prescription for this is to spend 3 minutes doing this 3x per day.

#2- Similar idea to the first drill but this time we are creating an anchor point using the barbell or any weighted object you can find.  The idea for this drill is to create opening in the Thoracic through breathe. You will hold this position, again being organized first. Then going through a deep breathing pattern for 3 minutes.  Slow deep inhale (trying to expand the rib cage) followed by a long slow exhale. Prescription for this one would be when you first get out of bed in the morning and adding it in to your bed time routine.

It will take a conscious effort on your part to add in these mobility drills on a daily basis. To see the best improvement you should be doing them three times a day minimum.  Start to approach mobility like you would strength training or learning a new skill! You need to look for and seek progressions of the movements. That means to see the best results you need to be tracking your mobility. How often, how long, what did you do and how did it feel are great questions to ask yourself and record.  That way you can check and see what drills are creating the most positive change.

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