The X-Project is a fitness training and performance center and the home of the CrossFit Affiliate in Frederick MD, East Frederick CrossFit. Our main focus is on teaching and learning. We emphasize quality first and educate each and every member on the what, how and why we do everything that we do. The X-Project mission is to provide customized and individualized fitness programming in a group setting while touching on all elements to create a truly holistic fitness experience.

The X-Project is a constantly varying, mix modality fitness program, which is a coordinated effort to develop a balance between all elements of health and fitness. The X-Project uses fitness as the driver to facilitate Physical, Mental, Emotional, Intellectual, Intuitional, Spiritual and Social growth.

The X-Project mixes weight training, cardiovascular conditioning, body weight movements and yoga on a structured and progressive program to ensure safe, effective and efficient results to the wide variety of its members.

The X-Project will challenge you physically with its structured workouts. It will challenge you mentally by adding the right amount of difficulty and adversity to help you reach outside your comfort zone. It will challenge you emotionally by helping you to appreciate how special and beautiful and perfect you already are while reinforcing the strength and support of the community behind you. It will challenge you intellectually by educating you on the purpose of each and every thing that you are asked to do. It will challenge you intuitionally as you become more open to process of change and the journey of transformation. It will challenge you spiritually as you look within yourself to find both the peace that calms you and the fire that drives you to have a balance between having bigger dreams, larger aspirations and being grateful in your heart of hearts for those people that surround you in your life.

Above anything else, the X-Project is a community of people who genuinely care about your success and well being. We always train in small groups and with partners. We are like minded individuals with huge goals. We support and push each other to achieve the things we once thought to be impossible. It is the hearts and souls of our members who create an atmosphere so unique it cannot be found anywhere else in the world. The bonds that we have created will forever be our strength when facing any obstacle the universe will throw at us. The law of attraction has brought us together and our commitment to loving ourselves and our families has turned the X-Project into its own pedigree.

At the X-Project we are committed to being excellent at the basics. We are committed to safe and efficient technique before anything else. Enforcing proper movement patterns we use functional movements and corrective exercises to make our bodies injury proof before progressing to the more challenging demands.

All athletes have seen a huge benefit from training at the X-Project. From the young, sport specific to the older, injured and brand new, the varied backgrounds and degrees of fitness facilitate our growth and development. We encourage anyone at any level to come join us. You will find that we have a program for you.

We train with weight lifting, kettlebells, gymnastics, running, jumping, and yoga. We train all metabolic pathways and do everything we can to stay on the cutting edge of the newest research.

Every human being was designed to be a physical athlete and a spiritual warrior. As such, we are meant to prepare ourselves in the best way possible to be the strongest versions of ourselves. Our sport is the sport of life and our war is the one we wage within ourselves. As athletes we are meant to run, climb, jump, push, pull, throw and dance. As warriors we are disciplined, focused, persistent, courageous, and resolute. As both, we train so that we may face any obstacle, any adversity and any difficulty with the confidence of knowing that we will overcome. At the X Project, we train so that we may get everything we have ever dreamed of out of life.