The Open and adjusting intensity:

If you want to do your absolute best in the open like me :), it is important to taper your training so that you can produce maximum intensity on Saturday and possibly again on Monday if you want to redo your effort. For example, Friday’s class should be done at a very low level of intensity to stay prepared for Saturday (you shouldn’t get very out of breath and your muscles shouldn’t begin burning during class). Wednesday’s class may be hit at a high intensity, but tapering back your effort should begin on Thursday and then minimal intensity given during class on Friday. Check out the link regarding tapering your training with a nice visual.

Preparing for the open throughout the week

Redoing workouts:

If you are competing in the open over the next five weeks, check out this article regarding repeating workouts, and your mentality going into each attempt:

Redoing open workouts  


Monday – Weakness Development/mobility or 19.1 repeat 

Weakness #1 :

sets: EMOM for 10-15 minutes

odd minutes: weakness #1 work (see reps)

even minutes: 15/12 calorie air bike hard effort

reps: challenging number of perfect reps of your weakness

mobility: foam roll lower body (calves, quads, flutes) 10-15 minutes


19.1 repeat effort

Tuesday: Monostructural day

Running Conditioning
4 x 200 m run

2 x 400 m run

1 x 800 m run

Context: put forth about 80% effort throughout.

Wednesday: Weakness Deveopment/mobility 

Weakness #2:

sets: 4 sets of ____ reps

reps: challenging number of reps based upon your weakness and abilities at that weakness.

Time: 15 minutes

Mobility: Throacic mobility work with foam roller for 10 minutes.

Friday: Heavy Day 

(don’t do this if you want to give your best effort in the open on Saturday)

Squat clean thruster TnG


context: sets of 2 should be at 80 percent of your heaviest thruster.  Take time to get yourself to your “working” sets and hit one set every 1:30.

Saturday: Weakness Deveopment/mobility 

19.2 then….

Weakness #1 + weakness #2

sets/reps: EMOM style workout for 10-15 minutes hitting challenging number of reps, alternating weakness EMOM

mobility: hip and ankle banded distraction work, 15 minutes total.

Upcoming competitions:

Spring competition in Hanover, PA for Masters athletes in May!

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Masters Competition at CrossFit Hanover