Toes to bar is a high level ab exercise performed by hanging from a bar and raising your legs until your feet/toes touch the bar. To perform a strict TTB, the arms and legs are kept completely straight, the torso stays vertical, and the feet are raised to the bar without swinging. TTB can also be performed by kipping, which allows the athlete to swing and use their momentum to raise their feet to the bar. Kipping TTB are usually performed with bent legs.

To develop the strength for a strict TTB, you should practice hanging straight leg raises. Hang from a bar with straight legs and feet together, then use your abs and hip flexors to SLOWLY raise your feet as high as you can, then SLOWLY lower back to the initial position. If you cannot raise past horizontal with straight legs, then you should also practice hanging knee raises. To perform a hanging knee raise, you hang from a bar and slowly tuck your knees as high as you can, then slowly lower back to the initial position.

Some athletes may not be able to perform strict TTB with straight legs due to flexibility limitations. Stretching the hamstrings for 30-45 seconds immediately before attempting TTB or straight leg raises will help you reach a greater range of motion. Any additional hamstring mobility exercises will be beneficial for developing a strict TTB.

Prerequisites: hanging knee raise, hanging straight leg raise to horizontal (slow and controlled)